Testing Services

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Application Testing Services

Boon IT engages early in the application lifecycle to establish goals and objectives, first by assessing the needs of the application and then developing a master test plan that fits the unique application testing requirements. By implementing a test-based strategy, our test specialists will ensure that high risk areas and defects are found as early as possible in the lifecycle.

With a structured methodology and technology accelerators, Boon IT performs automated impact analyses and regression scoping in order to provide 100% test coverage. Our specialists also provide metrics management and monitoring through a dashboard, which is automatically populated with metrics including cost and schedule.


Our testing spans across Leading Enterprise COTS products, Be-spoke legacy Applications, Web-based and Client server applications. We provide the following services:

IT Focused Testing

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Modular Testing: Tests individual modules to ensure that they meet specifications and fulfil functional requirements

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Integration Testing: Combines two logically-related components and test them as a group in order to verify functional, performance and reliability requirements

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GUI and Compatibility Testing: Ensure that UI is easy to use and in line with customer needs. Validate the application as per the Inter-Operability matrix.

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Regression Testing: Changes made to an application or across the application environment can introduce new faults. Boon IT ensures higher quality assurance by uncovering bugs in an application after changes are made, leveraging test accelerators to automate regression testing. With our proven methodology and framework, we ensure that our regression testing delivers 100% coverage.

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System Testing:Tests integration and flow between systems to ensure that applications have been integrated successfully.

  • Validating system behavior when different types of data (different user profiles, different data types, different data volumes etc) get processed and communication to the subsequent system
  • Run custom-designed regression tests that simulate end user behavior (ensures success of user-acceptance tests)

BI Testing

    ETL Testing: Boon IT’s ETL testing services includes:
  • Data Conversion Plan (DCP)/Mapping doc validation
  • Structure validation
  • Constraint Validation
  • Data Consistency Issues
  • Data Completeness
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Quality
  • Null Validation
  • Duplicate check
  • DATE Validation
  • Complete Data Validation (using minus and intersect)
  • Acceptance Criteria
    Reports Testing: Boon IT’s Report testing services includes:
  • Verify the Data displayed on the Reports and dashboard are as expected
  • Users can see reports according to their user profile (authentication and authorization)
  • Verification of Report format and content by appropriate end users
  • Verification on the Accuracy and completeness of the scheduled reports
  • OLAP, Drill down report, parent / child report etc are all working as expected
  • ‘Analysis Functions’ and ‘Data Analysis’ are working
  • Previewing and/or exporting of reports to different formats such as spreadsheet, pdf, xml displays accurate and consistent data where graphs and data in tabular format exist, both should reflect consistent data.

Compliance Testing

Regulatory compliance such as CEDS, SIF, W3C, 508, etc.

Business Focused Testing

User Acceptance Testing and Customer Experience Assurance
Boon IT performs user acceptance tests to ensure that the application meets agreed-upon requirements and is functioning as specified, which showcases how the application will perform in production

    Business Value:
  • Improved productivity and effort savings up to 10% year-on-year
  • Reduced total cost of operations up to 20%
  • Effort saving of 20% through creation of modularized reusable test assets
  • Reduced time to market by 25% - 35% through lifecycle acceleration
  • Improved resource utilization by 30% through creation of shared services
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Performance Testing Services

In today's business environment, the performance of an application or system is crucial to the success of an organization. Achieving and maintaining mission critical applications at peak performance and scalability levels can be a significant challenge; however, failure to do so could potentially lead to lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction.

To meet growing customer demands and provide them with the experience they expect, organizations typically depend on four key areas of performance:

  • Speed
  • Capacity
  • Scalability
  • Stability

However, identifying performance-related issues only after the launch of an application leads to a high cost associated in fixing them. Boon IT gets engaged at the pre-deployment stage, leveraging proven expertise combined with market-leading test tools to identify and resolve problems at an early stage.

With a team of experienced testing professionals, Boon IT helps you determine the best approach and methodology to meet your performance testing needs and validate critical software projects. We work closely with you to identify potential performance bottlenecks early in the development lifecycle and establish recommended next steps to optimize performance, ensuring that your applications will perform well and scale effectively after they are deployed.

    Boon IT’s performance testing services include:
  • Performance Modelling
  • Capacity Planning
  • Load, Volume, Scalability & Stress Testing
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Test Automation Services

Manual testing is a laborious and time-consuming process, and is not always effective in finding certain types of defects in a software application. To reduce costs associated with testing, while improving application quality, many organizations are turning to automation.

Test Case execution Process

Boon IT works closely with our clients to develop an effective test automation strategy and reusable test automation framework, helping to reduce implementation and maintenance costs. By implementing automation tools across the development lifecycle and automating many manual processes that are already in place, organizations are able to reduce testing efforts and accelerate regression testing. Once tests have been automated, they can be run quickly and repeatedly.

    Boon IT Test Automation Services provide the following benefits:
  • Reduces test cycle from days to hours
  • Increases software application quality
  • Reduces time spent on regression testing
  • Eliminates manual tasks
  • Increases user confidence in the application or system
  • Provides reusable test processes