Software Development

Boon IT is an end-to-end global Enterprise IT Service and Solutions provider focusing on answers for Education domain that meet the needs of today while planning for the challenges of tomorrow. In addition to products based on years of practice and refinement, Boon IT offers quality professional services backed-up with over 100 man years of Education experience in federal, state, school settings as well as in working with education non-profits and vendors.

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Product Development

Boon IT has extensive experience of developing products. It has proven record of building successful products for the U.S. education space covering the K-12 and P-20 domains. The engineering and quality process of Boon IT are designed appropriately to meet all needs and demands of a product life cycle connecting activities across users, business needs, corporate strategies, product managers, domain experts, technical architects and developers. Boon IT has proven record of developing products around User provisioning, Identify Management and State Longitudinal Systems for the U.S education domain.

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Application Development

Boon IT has over these years developed many applications for the K-12 and P-20 domains covering a variety of systems such as web sites and Portals, User Provisioning and management systems, Identity Management Systems, The SDLC management with industry standard processes and procedures is complemented by a strategically planned resource pools to meet technical challenges while dealing with the state of the art technologies.

    Development Models
  • Incremental
  • Agile
  • Spiral
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Our Systems Integration Practice targets the needs of P-20 Education and carries over 15 State Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) partnerships. Boon IT will team with your organization to deliver affordable and sustainable results.

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Maintenance and Support

Our maintenance and support services are based on proven methodologies, ISO 9001 standards and industry best practices.

    These services help our customers to get the benefit of:
  • Enhanced Availability
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Time to Market Agility
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Our Migration services are based on systematic, efficient and holistic approach and help the customers to improve operational efficiency and control costs through risk mitigation strategies.

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Cloud and SaaS

Boon IT helps you to build customized cloud solutions using our expertise in cloud computing by collaborative approach to realize your organization's needs.

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Project Management / Delivery Management

Our industry standard practices around Project and Quality management help in delivery on time with quality and within the budgets.