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As we move into the 21st century, technology has become more and more important to our society. Computers are becoming more affordable and are dependent upon by many people to aid them in their daily lives. Since computers are becoming more affordable to purchase, schools have been able to purchase more computers for their students. As more and more computers are purchased, a growing need for technology education emerges.

There are great ways that technology can benefit all stake holders of education system. Using these technology enabled tools, Teachers can identify the lagging student’s and can design the individual student specific courses/lessons and policy makers can use analysis tools to make better decisions educators can identify the potential student dropout risk and create special programs.

    Education Solution space is divided in to following core areas
  • School/Student Information System
  • Learning Management System
  • Assessment System
  • Content Management System
  • Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse Solutions

Boon IT provides effective solutions in multiple areas of education space. We have more than twelve years of extensive and in-depth expertise in building solutions in the education space. We have a track record of providing innovative technology services to our clients in implementing these solutions in more than fifteen states across United States of America.

Education Solutions

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Education Portal

Enterprise grade education portal solution for optimized reporting, accountability and secure, delegated and student focused access. Portal serves as a platform for enterprise applications and acts as a robust security model with longitudinal data management utilities and teacher-facing tools.

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Data Warehousing Solutions

Effective management and reporting, richer intelligence, and better accountability, Data Warehouse powers the entire data lifecycle from source systems to reporting. Robust, easy-to-use tools put information into the hands of all constituents by providing public or secure, role-based access for operational and longitudinal analysis. We view a data warehouse as not just a storage mechanism, but also an access point to all your organization’s critical data.

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It has been designed in such a way that the stakeholders can manage the System dynamically as per the changing educational needs and challenges. edTheSIS leverages Management, Staff/Teachers, Students, Parents and other non-teaching staff to effectively and efficiently manage the information with a flexible, easy navigation and rich user interface capabilities. Read More

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Student Evaluation System

It is a solution for educators to identify student performance & potential dropout risks and enables to build customized instructions and programs to address the risk of student dropouts.

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Content Management System

It is an enterprise solution to maintain organizational content, workflows and Storage management which enables to create, edit and publish the content on the fly without requiring the development team intervention. This web content may include text, embedded graphics, photos, video, audio, and code (e.g., for applications) that displays content or interacts with the user.