Business Intelligence

Business growth and success depends on how quickly an organization can convert data into information and take objective decisions effortlessly. Abundant amount of data in terabytes is also demanding advanced analytical techniques in order to forecast the market growth which helps in effective decision making.

With Data Profiling, Analysis, Integration and reporting organizations find a major source to grow businesses.

In-line with the market demands, Boon IT has a commitment to stay up to the expectations and business needs of the client. Boon IT brings in 23 years of expertise in the Business Intelligence domain and will help our clients in data warehousing solutions covering data warehouse development, implementation, maintenance operations and support.


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Data Profiling

An enterprise education solution optimized for accountability and secure, delegated access. Portal, longitudinal data reporting, and powerful tools make this the student-centric, outcome-oriented environment for all users.

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Data Analysis and Integration

Tools developed by Boon IT Solutions perform a thorough data analysis to ensure the data is in compliance with client defined Business rules. This enriches the quality of the data and ability for client to manage data. This data will then be transformed and loaded into enterprise systems to serve as an input to reporting.

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Centralized Business Rule Management

Boon IT Solutions provides a one central repository for Rule management that accommodates all the client business rules at one single location. This tool also provides the feature to manage these rules.

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Smart Reporting

With present growing needs of reporting. Boon IT Solutions provides tools using which clients can browse the data Adhoc. Can also create sharp, secured and drillable reports by following a User friendly wizard.

Clients can also build drillable and secured dashboards using similar user friendly wizard.